Coastguard Hawke's Bay launched its dedicated search and rescue vessel Celia Knowles Rescue (CK Rescue) on Saturday 20 June 2009.

Our search and rescue area is one of the largest covered by a Coastguard unit in New Zealand. It spans from Waikahawai Point in the North; South to Turnagain Point and up to twelve miles offshore. Where necessary we do travel further offshore, we have taken CK 40 miles offshore, after receiving dispensation from Maritime New Zealand.  With CK Rescue we have a search and rescue vessel equipped to cope with most sea conditions in the area.

CK Rescue cost just under a million dollars and she is named after the late Celia Knowles, a Napier resident whose estate greatly assisted in meeting her building costs.

CK Rescue is 11.70 metres in length and is powered by two 480-horsepower diesel engines coupled with Hamilton jet units for ease of manoeuverability. She has a top speed of 33 knots and is operated by between four and eight highly trained Coastguard volunteer crew.

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