Important maritime information to keep you safe when out on the water:

Knowing the Boating Safety Code - 5 simple rules to keep you safe

  1. Life jackets. Take them and wear them.  They increase your survival time
  2. Skipper Responsibility.  Keep everyone safe, stay within the limits of your vessel and your experience
  3. Communications. Take at least two seperate waterproof ways of communicating
  4. Marine weather,  Check the forecast first. If in doubt don't go out
  5. Avoid alcohol.  Safe boating and alcohol do not mix.  Stay alert and aware

Skipper responsibility


How to cross a bar safely in a trailer powerboat

There are three types of bars:

  • dangerous
  • very dangerous; and
  • extremely dangerous

Find out the information you need to know to make a safer bar crossing.

If in doubt, don't go out!

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