General Radio and Emergency Call Procedures

 General calling procedures:

Name of station you are calling 
"Coastguard Radio, Coastguard Radio, Coastguard Radio"

Your vessel name and call sign 
"This is (your vessel name and call sign), (your vessel name and call sign), (your vessel name and call sign),"

Called station will respond 
"(your boat name), this is Coastguard Radio, go ahead please"
If you are calling another vessel, at this point the called station will nominate a ship to ship channel, to which both parties will move, and re-establish communication.

 Radio Emergency Calling:

Use only if in grave or imminent danger

Make an emergency announcement using VHF Channel 16 or SSB 2182, 4125, 6215, 8291 "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY" 
"THIS IS (name of vessel & call sign)" 3 TIMES 
"MAYDAY (name of vessel & call sign)"

Detail specific information about your position and situation 
Give vessel's position in degrees & minutes of latitude and longitude or bearings & distance relative to a well-known geographical feature

Explain nature of distress & the kind of assistance required

Provide any other information which may assist rescuers – numbers of persons on board, description of vessel, life-raft, EPIRB

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