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Coastguard Hawke's Bay - Radio OpsRadio Frequencies for your nearest Coastguard.

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Calling Procedures
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Marine Radio VHF Call Sign


In the Hawke's Bay area channel 01 is the dedicated Coastguard channel for trip reports, assistance calls and search and rescue operations.

Going out for a day's fishing or general boating call us on VHF channel 01 to lodge a trip report. This service is available 24/7.

All you need to do is tell us your boat name, call sign, number of people on board, the area you are heading to and expected time back. If your plans change just give us an update. This will give us invaluable information should you happen to need any assistance. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is aware of where you are and that they can help should you require any assistance.

Nowcasting - Continuous weather information - VHF Channel 19

You can now access 24 hour a day information about weather conditions in and around Hawke's Bay.

VHF Channels around New Zealand

Coastguard Hawke's Bay - Radio OpsMaritime Radio keeps a nationwide 24-hour listening watch on VHF Channel 16. There are also many volunteer Coastal and Coastguard stations keeping a listening watch on Channel 16 and other VHF channels locally.

Rules for General Radio Use:

  • Listen before transmitting

  • Don't make unnecessary calls and keep all calls as brief as possible

  • Don't allow children to play with the radio

  • Always identify yourself using your call sign and boat name

  • Always ensure your microphone is correctly stowed to avoid accidental transmissions which will lock up the channel

  • Use Channel 16 for making your initial call, then move to an agreed working channel for emergencies

  • Stay on Channel 16 unless you are directed to another channel by Maritime Radio or Coastguard

  • Return to Channel 16 when you have completed a call

  • Make sure you obtain an operator's qualification and call sign

Upcoming Events

Annual Boat Checks 2021/2022

To enter Hawke’s Bay Sports Fishing Club and Clifton Marine Club competitions, all boats must comply and meet standards outlined in the boating checklist.

Inspections available on Wednesday evenings 1700-1900hrs
Coastguard Headquarters, 704 Meeanee Quay, Westshore

For moored boats 
Please contact Peter Boshier 0274 427 805

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Bayleys - Sponsor of Coastguard Hawke's Bay Napier Port - Sponsor of Coastguard Hawke's Bay
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Eastern & Central Community Trust - Sponsor of Coastguard Hawke's Bay Hastings District Council - Sponsor of Coastguard Hawke's Bay
Napier City Council - Sponsor of Coastguard Hawke's Bay 
Infinity Foundation - Sponsor of Coastguard Hawke's Bay  

Coastguard Hawke's Bay

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